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Transforming enterprises with biCanvasTM

A comprehensive enterprise application that helps users to manage and operate all business processes with various life cycles efficiently and affordably.It is highly configurable & domain specific in terms of relevance to the business

Ecosystem of biCanvasTM

Enterprise Operating System

Elevate your enterprise with our centralized platform that seamlessly integrates and coordinates various departments and functions. From finance and human resources to inventory management and manufacturing, our efficient and user friendly applications foster collaboration and efficiency. Embrace streamlined operations and empower your team to work harmoniously across diverse functions

Integrators & Connectors

Enriched Libraries of biCanvasTM

Camera & CCTV

Provides real time monitoring of plant operations, ensuring safety, security


Live Weight Readings, Automatic Slip Printing, Instant Alerts.

Tally & Bank

This reduces the payment cycle time and improves cash flow management

E Way Bill

Simplifies tax compliance, streamlines documents, minimises tax risks.


Application's Libraries of biCanvasTM

Customer Relationship Management

Better understand customers, improve
communication, foster relationships

Human Resource Management

HRM includes recruitment, training, compensation, payroll, attendance, etc

Quality Center

It helps to streamlines high quality product and service delivery.

Project planning and Execution

Maintain documents, reminders, parts procurement, store management, etc

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